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Welcome to Pastel a Single-Player 3D Adventure Puzzle Game!

After waking up from a dreamless sleep, you find yourself in the middle of an overgrown forest. Feeling that something is wrong, you look around for a clue as to why you are here but in doing so quickly learn a single truth - beyond your name, you have no memory whatsoever. Your name is Pastel and you are a nine-tailed fox, of that you are certain, beyond that your mind is empty. 

As you collect yourself, something in your mind begins to call out to you, you have a purpose, you need to stop something terrible from happening, but to do so, you must first discover who you are and what has happened while you slept.

The very first video showing what Pastel looks like!

A preview of the first building in the game

If you'd like to hear a sample of the music that you can find in Pastel, please check us out over on Soundcloud!

Currently (05/02/2020) we have uploaded two tracks:

  • The Long Sleep
    We intend to use this in the Main Menu,
  • Awakening
    We intended to use this in the first level.

The intention of our Soundcloud page is to give you a feel for what the music will be like. That said, dDo keep in mind that these two tracks are still being worked on so they can (and most likely will) be improved/slightly changed as development on the game progresses.

Time Travel

  • Travel through time and space as set out on your quest to rediscover who you are and what you need to do.

Deep Lore

  • As you uncover your past, you will learn more about the history of the planet, stories such as the truth behind the ancient ruins that are now worshiped as having been created by gods, what happened to those that created them, and what your role in all of this was.


  • Nothing worth having ever comes easily - challenging puzzles need to be solved if you are to uncover your past.

Beautiful Landscape and Diversity

  • A stunningly beautiful world is yours to explore with unique and original creatures, bosses, and an ever-changing atmosphere!

  • Will there be a demo?
    Yes! We're working to iron out a few bugs in our demo version so you'll need to wait a little longer, but a demo is coming!
  • What is the game's current status?
    In development. Our developers are well fed, well watered, and well looked after so they're currently happy to be working on putting the game together!
  • Do you have a Trailer?
    It's being worked on even as you read this. In the mean time we're recording some parts of the game so that you can see what it looks like. Once the videos are ready we'll add them to this page.
  • What are you Social Media platforms?
    We're just starting, however you can find us on:
    - Facebook
    - Twitter
    - Instagram
  • Where will you launch the full game?
    Our goal is to have the full game available here (itch) and on Steam (we're currently setting up our Steam page). A stretch goal would be to get the game on GOG, so we're keeping their strict quality requirements in mind already!
  • What can I do to help you?
    Engage with us! Read over all of our material, get interested in the project, ask us any type question whether it is about the game, the team working on the game, or something silly that you are simply dying to know! Most important of all tell us what you think we're doing well, then please, please, tell us what you think we're not doing well. After all, we can only improve if we know that something needs improvement!
  • Where did the name 'Pastel' come from?
    Pastel is an amalgamation of the words Past and Teleport. Both are thematically connected to our game as it includes teleporting and time-traveling in reverse order (going to the past).
  • How can I contact you?
    Leave a comment here on Itch, messages us directly on our Facebook page, or tweet to @PlayPastel - and don't be shy to poke us more than once if you think we're being slow to respond, we're just human and reminders are useful!
  • Why are you on Itch?
    Because Itch is an awesome community and platform and we think that our game fits this place quite well, hopefully you'll agree with that when you see the game and our communication style!
  • How much will this game cost?
    We've not decided on a price - but we want people playing this game so it will be fair. You'll also have a free demo to judge whether you like the game or not as well.

FAQs last updated: 02/02/2020
Page last updated: 11/02/2020

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